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Chief Executive Officer

Steven Thomas

Chief Operating Officer

mike browning

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Our team

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We have decades of experience serving the direct marketing and direct response industries.

tom newkirk, chairman

Tom brings many years experience in technology companies, recently retiring as Chairman of Experian Information Solutions in 2002 with over 4,000 employees and over $400 million in sales annually.

Tom was also a founding member of many technology companies, including Direct Marketing Technology, Inc, and Brigar Services, Inc. Tom was a former Director at Mypoints.com, an internet start-up company that was sold to United Airlines in 2001.

Scot Thomas, CEO

Scot is an accomplished and seasoned senior executive whose track record of achievement provides the solid foundation for Verascape’s continued success and growth.

Most recently, Scot was the Chief Executive Officer of Experian Marketing Solutions, where he managed more than 4,000 professionals. Scot has funded and been at the founding of several successful startups including Webley Systems, Direct Marketing Technology Inc., and Specialty Vacations, LLC.

Steven Thomas, COO

Steve brings many years of technology experience with several high profile systems development on his watch for several large companies. Recently, Steve was the Chief Development Officer for Experian Marketing Services responsible for the creation, development, and expansion of the company’s internal process control systems.

Mike Browning, VP, Sales & Marketing

Mike is the senior executive responsible for business development, marketing, and customer relationships for Verascape. He has 20 plus years of hands-on experience providing technology solutions with a quantifiable track record of helping a diverse customer base create successful outcomes in complex business environments.

Mike was the co-founder of several successful start-ups including Douglas-Danielle (acquired by TransUnion) and Silicon Valley-based Inadco. Additionally, Mike has held executive-level positions with TransUnion, TargetCom, and May & Speh (acquired by Acxiom).


about us

leading the way since 2000.

We were the first to revolutionize the telephone commerce channel by intersecting voice automation technology and real-time customer data, and we are still the leader.

We deliver the sophistication of web self-service and ecommerce via the telephone and mobile channel, using professional, high quality, voice automation and text messaging technologies, and real-time customer data. The result is personalized, intuitive and on-demand self-service solutions at a fraction of the cost of call center agents.

Verascape, located in the tech-hub of Schaumburg, IL, was founded in 2000.


our business model


Our innovative Pay-for-Performance pricing and cloud-based delivery model eliminates all the risks typically inherent in new solutions implementation.

Our pricing model is risk-shared — you only pay transaction fees when we successfully automate a call. And, our transaction pricing is all-inclusive: all costs are rolled up into a simple transaction fee structure.

Cloud-based delivery ensures no ongoing operational or IT personnel commitments or costs in order to achieve savings. We are the only company in the industry to offer this type of pricing structure to show our confidence that our solutions will work for you.  Who else can say that?